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Azure Disaster Recovery & Backup

Microsoft Azure is a predominant public cloud environment in use by businesses today and is a great place to store backups and replicate virtual machines.  For seamless replication and integration with Azure for on-premises VMs, Microsoft has two different tools that you can make use of to perform replication and backups from on-premises to your Microsoft Azure IaaS environment.


Let's take a look at Azure Backup vs. Azure Site Recovery and see how these two tools are used, how they are different, and what use case each allows businesses to solve.


What is Azure Backup?


In the simplest of explanations, Azure Backup is a service that allows you to back up your data to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  This includes both on-premises VMs and Azure VMs.  Azure Backup is a service that can supplement existing backup solutions or replace existing solutions altogether.  Organizations who may look at Azure Backup can decide if Azure Backup can potentially replace existing solutions, as this could certainly lead to cost savings.

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